Rerouting Payments

I was tasked to map out how the incumbent credit card networks currently work, while showing how some of the new competitors plug & play with or bypass  the network.
In the sketching phase, it became clear that I needed to quickly get across 3 main hubs that each payment type could route into. I also needed to simply address
how the sampling of six new technologies currently function. Given the depth of information that needed to be relayed, on top of changing last minute news
(Apple Pay was launched 4 days before the graphic went to print!) we went through several sketch and fact checking rounds.
The vernacular of a subway map was the chosen metaphor.  Hopefully Massimo Vignelli is smiling somewhere.

Bloomberg Markets
Daps: The Best American Infographics 2015
CD: Siung Tjia
Spot Illustrations: Ben Gibson/Pop Chart Lab
Reporter: Elizabeth Dexheimer